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ACX University is an educational video series crafted for our self-driven creatives in the audiobook publishing industry. Tune in to see what's new in audio, get guidance from experts, and sharpen your skills from the comfort of your home. And best of all, tuition is free! Staying home doesn't mean your career stops moving, so while we're apart, let's keep learning together.


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Frequently Asked Questions

ACX University was established in 2013 to bring free audiobook production education to a community of new producers. Since then, we’ve grown from classrooms at Audible to an annual series of weekly webcasts so producers and authors everywhere can share in the knowledge of successful audiobook production and distribution.

The newest season of ACX University At Home 2020 will broadcast Tuesday through Thursday at 5:30PM (ET), October 27th – 29th. Can’t make the action live? All episodes will be available to watch immediately after they air.

Free! ACX University is available to all.

Videos are available on our YouTube channel. Subscribe to our channel or follow us on Facebook to keep up with the latest news from the audiobook education front.

No catch! At ACX, we are committed to providing authors, publishers, narrators, and producers with best-in-class training and education so they can make great audiobooks.

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