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2018 Classes Now Available

Watch and Learn with All New Instructors and Topics

This year, we’ve assembled some of our favorite voices to share the latest advice and trends impacting audiobook publishing. From staying healthy to staying motivated, this year’s programming has something for everyone, from fresh faces to Audible Approved voices. And after six years, it’s still free. 

Meet the Instructors

We've gathered inspiring voices from around the industry for this year's program.

David Afonso

Production Advisor

Dari Matilsky

Vocal Health Coach

Kat Lambrix

Director, Audible Studios

Mike Taddeo

Production Advisor

Karen Commins

Audible Approved Producer and Publisher

Scott Jacobi

Marketing Manager

Khristine Hvam

Narrator & Producer

Chris Ciulla

Audible Approved Producer

Hannah Wall

Senior Manager, Marketing

Robin Miles

Voice Acting Coach


What’s ACX University?
ACX University was established in 2013 to bring free audiobook production education to a community of new producers. Since then, we’ve grown from classrooms at Audible to an annual series of weekly webcasts for producers and authors to share knowledge of successful audiobook production and distribution.

What’s the cost to participate?
Free! ACX University is available to all.

When and where can I watch?
Videos are available on our YouTube channel. Subscribe to our channel or follow us on Facebook to keep up with the latest audiobook news.

What’s the catch?
No catch! At ACX, we are committed to providing authors, publishers, narrators, and producers with best-in-class training and education to make great audiobooks.

Watch Past Episodes

ACX University has been your go-to resource for audiobook production education since 2013. If you've missed even a moment of the action, catch up with the videos below!


The Craft of Audiobook Narration

Recording 101

How to Produce the Perfect Sound


Develop your strategy and succeed.


Stay motivated to succeed!