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Elements of a Well-Reviewed Audiobook

Listener reviews are a critical part of the sales ecosystem for your audiobook, with many listeners basing their purchasing decision on critical commentary. But before you submit to reviewers, are you putting your best book forward? The editors of Audiofile and Audio Book Reviewer listen to a lot of audiobooks, and they are revealing how they choose which audiobooks make their listen lists. From the performance to the cover art, they’ll share insights on how to improve your submission and improve your chances of receiving reader and professional reviews. In this session, we’ll discuss the best way to submit your project for professional reviews and how to give your work the best shot at being selected.


Paul Stokes: Paul Stokes is a quiet man who shares his passion for books through honest and professional reviews. More frequently than not, you will see Paul listening to books while riding his bike, tending to a huge fruit and vegetable garden, growing bonsai trees and operating his own online bonsai magazine. His family consists of a wife, 2 cats, and 2 African Grey parrots.

Robin Whitten: Robin Whitten is the founder and editor of AudioFile—25 years young and ready for the next challenges ahead! Started in 1992, AudioFile reviews and recommends audiobooks as a multi-platform resource, publishing in print, e-newsletters, the web site, and seasonal programs like AudiobookSYNC for teen audiences. AudioFile also maintains the Talent & Industry Guide, the sourcebook for audiobook professionals. Robin currently serves on the board of Directors of the Audio Publishers Association as VP Member Communications.

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