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Audiobook Marketing with the ACX-Perts

Audiobook marketing can be challenging, and listeners are often reached in different ways than print and eBook readers. Luckily, ACX’s own Scott Jacobi and Hannah Wall are chock-full of promotional ideas to help you find your audience and succeed in marketing your audiobook. This episode kicks off our exclusive series on audiobook marketing, and in this live webinar, we’ll cover how to treat your audiobook like a product and establish your brand voice, how to find and pursue audiobook target audiences, and lastly, how to build your confidence to ask for them for a sale.

Topics include:

  • Identifying your brand as it relates to your audiobook, and finding a voice that matches your brand.
  • Identifying your target audience using low-cost and no-cost tools.
  • Promotion tactics to reach your target audience wherever they are.
  • How to ask for sales and drive conversions.


Scott Jacobi
Hannah Wall

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