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Casting and Communicating with Your Narrator

Creating an audiobook with ACX comes with the benefit of choosing the voice of your brand. But with so many options and samples, casting the perfect voice can be intimidating! In this episode, best-selling author and first-time audiobook publisher Kristina Rienzi invites you to join her in the casting room to select a great voice for her next audiobook. Featuring Audible Studios Director Kat Lambrix, our duo will go through the process of choosing an audition script and building a title profile to seek auditions. They’ll review an audition from narrator Chris Ciulla and discuss the best ways to provide feedback to get a great performance from your narration partner.

Topics include: 

  • Selecting the best audition script to bring out the best performances in your potential partners. 
  • How to dynamically describe your audiobook for potential auditions. 
  • How to sort through auditions to find the best voice for your project.
  • How to provide an appropriate level of feedback throughout the production process.


Kristina Rienzi
Kat Lambrix
Chris Ciulla

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  1. Lou Petrella

    Excellent session! So interesting to see the perspectives of an authentic author and producer/narrator during the process of getting ready for an audition, the types of dialogue that the author/actor should strive for in getting the right performance, and what things should be paid attention to during the review of the audition, first 15 minutes, and final approval of the audiobook. I have produced two audiobooks through ACX since starting a few months ago, and this was an extremely helpful session for me to view.

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