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The Audiobook Marketing Roadmap Part Two

The ACX Marketing Roadmap, our three-part series on promoting your audiobook from announcement to release, continues in this episode with part two – marketing your audiobook during production. This important phase of production is the time to build anticipation for your audiobook, and it’s full of great marketing opportunities. ACX-Perts Scott and Hannah are here with essential strategies for your pre-launch marketing campaign, including:

  • Creating a marketing plan that involves your narrator in the process,
  • Using your audio to build excitement with your fans and generate buzz,
  • Laying the groundwork with audiobook reviewers,
  • And how to create a marketing calendar that will set you up for launch day success!


Scott Jacobi
Hannah Wall

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  1. winnirsPK

    As representatives, both of you have a much tauted speech no-no – avoid ‘um’s! The information is great!

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