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Audiobook Performance Masterclass

You can learn a lot watching two talented actors talk about their craft and break down performance choices. No, really! In this episode, Scott Brick, one of the golden voices, coaches audiobook newcomer Holly Palance on how to perform through the text to move listeners. Get a free lesson in audiobook performance as we show you:

  • How to recognize and voice the three types of third person narration.
  • How to treat narrative text as a character unto itself.
  • How to bring your own personal style to your interpretation of the text.
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Scott Brick
Scott Brick
Holly Palance
Holly Palance
Scott Jacobi


  1. Agnes

    The video quality would jump back to a precious minute or seconds of a video clip that had been played, at constant repeating looping from time to time.

    • emilymcurran

      Hi Agnes! Thanks for the feedback – we’ve replaced the video here so you can stream it right from this page. We hope you enjoy the episode!

    • emilymcurran

      Hi Dell, we’ve replaced the video and you should be able to watch it here on this page. We hope you enjoy the lesson!

    • emilymcurran

      Thank you, Rob! We’ve uploaded a new video here, so you should be able to watch it on this page. We hope you enjoy it!

  2. Ryan Duncan

    These are free?! Wow, it’s almost too good to be true. An absolute treasure trove of valuable information. Thanks so much. Great work.

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