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Nail it in 90 Days: The Smart Guide to Audiobook Marketing

Never miss an opportunity to market your audiobook! In this episode of ACX University, we’re joined by Jessica Hawkins, author of the hit audiobook Right Where I Want You, as she shares her marketing strategy from 90 days before the audiobook goes on sale, to launch day, to 90 days later. In this session, we’ll cover:

  • How to turn your audiobook casting into a marketing opportunity.
  • Strategies to build excitement while your book is being recorded.
  • The importance of looking back at your efforts to keep what worked and tweak what didn’t.
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Jessica Hawkins
Jessica Hawkins
Scott Jacobi

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  1. Kent Hinckley

    I just completed getting my audiobook (“Hearts, Minds, and Coffee”) approved and I’m ready to market it. Unfortunately, I find that ACX does not have pricing flexibility. I am an unknown author with a lot of favorable reviews for my book. ACX wants to price it at $17.46 and won’t budge. Others have lowered their price, and when I spoke to an ACX rep, she offered no options. Can you help me. A reader would not pay $17.46 for a known author. I like the pricing flexibility I have on my paperbacks and ebooks and think Amazon is fantastic. I just don’t understand their rationale on this issue. Thank you. Kent Hinckley

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