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Three’s a Crowd, Four’s a Multicast

ACX author Amy Daws has published several dual-narration audiobooks featuring seasoned ACX narrators Erin Mallon and Will Watt, and for her most recent release Payback, Amy decided to employ a cast of four narrators to bring her book to life. We’re sitting down with Amy, Will, and Erin to talk about what the production experience for Payback was like for them, how it differed from the dual-narration model, what the challenges and rewards were from both the authorial and narrative perspectives, and what it takes for interested authors who might want to try out this next-level audiobook format for themselves.

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Rekesha Pittman
Amy Daws
Erin Mallon
Erin Mallon
Will Watt
Will Watt
Kat Lambrix


  1. Saurabh

    Just loved the things they had to share. A lot to learn from their experiences. Also the strategies they shared are quite easy and fun to incorporate. Thanks all.

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