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Performance Masterclass Featuring Carin Gilfrey

New to audiobook narration? Looking to sharpen your skills and learn from the best in the business? Performance coaching isn’t just for the freshmen—even veteran voice artists agree that continuing coaching is essential to building a successful narration career. And to prove their point, we’re going inside sessions with some big names in the audiobook biz to take a closer look at what vocal coaching can do for you—no matter where you are in your career. In the third episode of our Performance Masterclass series, coach Carin Gilfry and narrator Kimberly Wetherell focus on pacing, breath, cadence and emphasis, and getting just the right voice for that creepy character. 


Carin Gilfry
Kimberly Wetherell
Scott Jacobi


  1. Barbara Hume

    I’m a retired English teacher and spent a few years recording short stories for my struggling readers. My recordings were well received and I really enjoyed making them at home on my Logic recording system. I am a professional singer on the side and have spent time in recording studios with various composers but really want to expand my home voice over work. Any chance there is another master class upcoming for a stay-at-home aspiring voice over artist? Thanks for letting me know.

  2. dasignature

    Appreciate you making these Performance Masterclass videos! They are packed with invaluable tips and techniques, well done!

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