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Publicize Your Audiobook Like a PR Pro

Storytelling is your superpower, but how can you wield it wisely to grow your audience and drive sales in today’s uncertain climate? By modeling your nascent marketing and PR strategy after the pros. That’s why in this episode of ACX University, we look to Kelley Anderson, founder of Wonder PR, for invaluable advice on reaching new listeners as a debut author. We’ll show you how to craft your first marketing and PR strategy, how to leverage social and digital channels in a stay-at-home world, and how to prepare for the future of audiobooks with some surprising new tactics and examples. (Did someone say unicorn?)


Kelley Anderson
Kelley Anderson
Scott Jacobi
Andreea Gabor
Andreea Gabor


  1. Lisa

    I really enjoyed listening to all the awesome advice. I am so grateful for all the knowledge and wisdom the two shared with me. I feel more confident and way more happy about sharing my story. Thank you a bunch!

  2. Jeffery Donaven

    Ms. Anderson, Mr. Jacobi… I wanted to take just a moment and say how much I really appreciate your content regarding this video. I am a new Narrator to ACX, that has just successfully landed my second ACX Title and am so very excited to implement some of your strategies to help me take my narrations, and my marketing strategies, to the next level. I truly have found my calling and so very much enjoy this profession! Thank you again,

    As ever,

    The Voice Choice

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