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The Power of Audio: A Keynote Address by Rekesha Pittman

From a hush to a roar: every story heard ’round the world started with a single voice, reverberating from listener to listener. But to raise the volume, you need more than just a microphone. Our featured speaker, Rekesha Pittman, is no stranger to amplifying the voices of visionary creators — known as “the midwife” to hundreds of authors, this writer, speaker, and entrepreneur excels at pushing creators to take the plunge and turn a silent dream into a thundering reality. In this inspirational keynote address, you’ll learn how to harness the power of audio to draw an audience, get your voice heard, and leave a legacy.


Rekesha Pittman
Rekesha Pittman


  1. Teena Smith

    Love your beautiful smile! Your personality comes booming through! I was inspired by your message. I am guilty of the exact thing you referred to. I can’t stand how I look and sound on webcam video.

  2. Tammy C Rudolf-Greene

    I have become greatly nspired by you. There is a program out there that costs well over $2000.00 to teach this process. Being financially challenged right now, i was quite frustrated. So I went in search on my own. I know how to write and believe I can do this. I have been coaxed by more than one person to do so, and now you have given me the courage to step up to the plate. Furthermore, to find the educational process is FREE itself is a gift from Heaven. The Angels have opened my door and its time to walk through.

  3. Marie M Keller

    Thank you so much. This video parked me up. I’m at a time in my life where I’m rethinking career choices. In the past i have been afraid to put myself out there. I am still a little afraid, but the advice and encouragement you gave on this video made things seem more possible to me. Thanks again 🥰

  4. marcheno1959

    Your energy is awe-inspiring! Thank you for putting yourself out there encouraging us to do the same. Yes, our voices count whoever we are and whatever stage we are in our lives. 💕

  5. Ann Watler

    Awesome and motivating. I’m not a professional writer/ Author and I have no experience in audio books. However, I am very certain that I have what it takes and the right voice for being an Audio book narrator.

  6. Amaris

    Excellent presentation! Just finished watching your inspiring keynote address and am off to get started in my project!

    Thank you!

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