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Performance Masterclass ft. Emily Lawrence and Dana Caldwell

So you want to be an audiobook narrator? Everyone says you’ve got a great voice—but do you know what really goes into cooking up a successful audiobook? It’s your personality, your unique experience, and your ability to empathize with your characters that will make your story sing and capture the ears of listeners. Settle in to the latest episode of ACX University, and listen as we dive deep into the heart of audio storytelling.

We’ve paired aspiring audiobook producer and TikTok sensation Dana Caldwell with seasoned audiobook narrator and business coach Emily Lawrence in the latest installment of our Performance Masterclass series. In addition to acting and performance tips, Emily will also guide Dana on making the transition from short, social-friendly clips to long-form audiobook projects.


Emily Lawrence
Dana Caldwell
Andreea Gabor
Andreea Gabor


    • Andreea Gabor

      Hi Nicole, we’re glad to hear that you’re interested in producing audiobooks through ACX! Check out our website to learn more about narration and sign up as a Producer.

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