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2018 Course Curriculum







Casting and Communicating with Your Narrator

Creating an audiobook with ACX comes with the benefit of choosing the voice of your brand. But with so many options and samples, casting the perfect voice can be intimidating! In this episode, bestselling author and first-time audiobook publisher Kristina Rienzi invites you to join her in the casting room to select a great voice for her next audiobook. Featuring Audible Studios Director Kat Lambrix, our duo will go through the process of choosing an audition script and building a title profile seeking auditions. They’ll review an audition from narrator Chris Ciulla and discuss the best ways to provide feedback to get a great performance from your narration partner.

Mind, Body, and Soul for the Audiobook Narrator

Are you due for a checkup? As a narrator, keeping yourself healthy is a critical element of your success in (and out) of the recording booth. Join Khristine Hvam, Dari Matilsky, and Robin Miles, as we learn how to build and maintain vocal health, attempt some easy in-booth exercises to retain your physical health, and examine how to preserve your mental and emotional health as you grow your career.

Audiobook Marketing with the ACX-Perts

Audiobook marketing can be challenging, and listeners are often reached in different ways than print and eBook readers. Luckily, ACX’s own Scott Jacobi and Hannah Wall are chock-full of promotional ideas to help you find your audience and succeed in marketing your audiobook. This episode kicks off our exclusive series on audiobook marketing, and in this live webinar, we’ll cover how to treat your audiobook like a product and establish your brand voice, how to find and pursue audiobook target audiences, and lastly, how to build your confidence to ask for them for a sale.

Q&A with QA

Do you have audiobook production questions? We have answers! Join us for a live webinar with two of ACX’s Quality Assurance experts. In the first episode of a multipart series, David Afonso and Mike Taddeo will share their file management techniques and favorite production tools to save you time and recording headaches. Then, they’ll answer your questions live! Whether you’ve received a notice from our team about the quality of your audiobook production, or just want to make sure you never do, this session is for you.

Acting with Intention with Karen Commins

They say the journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step, but the journey of a voice artist has hundreds of thousands of words to go along with it. Whether you’re beginning your journey or sighting the next peak, seasoned narrator Karen Commins has inspiration to offer you to keep journeying on your path of career growth and goal setting. In this final episode of ACX University, tune in for a powerful interview on how to find the road to narration success and keep going when the road is tough.