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2019 Course Curriculum

The school of audiobooks is back in session and we want you in attendance! This year’s curriculum is a master class in audiobook performance, production, and marketing, featuring instruction from authors, narrators, and studio pros at the top of the industry.

See you in class! 







Transform Your Career: The Makeover Episode

Monday, October 28th
5:30PM ET

Could a few new habits change your outlook? Is your routine in a rut? ACX is transforming a narration newbie into a producing pro, and with guidance from some of the brightest voices in the industry, you’ll see how a few updates to your recording space, personal profile or website, and performance can put you on track for audiobook production success. Jeffrey Kafer, PJ Ochlan, and George Whittam join ACX University to share their secrets to a lucrative career in creating audiobooks and finding lifelong passion for your work.

How to Talk So Customers Listen

Wednesday, October 30th
5:30PM ET

The better you understand your audience, the better you can reach them on their terms. And who better to discuss communicating with audiobook listeners than a team of Audible experts? In this episode of ACX University, we’re joined by members of the Audible Editorial and Social Media teams, who will share their knowledge to help us get inside the heads of potential customers. By learning how to find your audiobook’s hook and speak compellingly about it to listeners, you’ll have the info you need to make smart marketing decisions that can help turn your book into the next Audible bestseller.

Audiobook Performance Masterclass

Monday, November 4th
5:30PM ET

What if you could get a personal crash course in audiobook performance from one of the best narrators in the business? In this episode of ACX University, you can do the next best thing: sit in as a fly on the studio wall while Scott Brick, narrator of over 950 audiobooks, works one-on-one with emerging audiobook actor Holly Palance. You’ll get a sense of what it’s like to receive personal performance coaching and learn how to put your unique self into your performance.

Community is the New Marketing

Wednesday, November 6th
5:30PM ET

They’re the reason for your success—your own band of Super Friends—your fans. But when is a fan more than just a fan? On this episode of ACX University, join us as we talk to ACX sensation and fan favorite, J. Bengtsson about superfans. The best-selling author of the Cake series of books had no reader group and no social media when she published her first audiobook, and now she has a devoted fan community that promotes her titles and serves as a solid foundation for lasting success. Learn her secrets to creating and maintaining a solid fan base and why that’s essential to your marketing strategy.

Three's a Crowd, Four's a Multicast

Monday, November 11th
5:30PM ET

An audiobook can be so much more than just a book read aloud, and nowhere is this truer than in the magical world of multicast. A dual-narration or multicast production can add dramatic flair to your audiobook, bringing characters and scenes to life like a movie for your listener’s ears. So how do you pull it off? In this episode of ACX U, Audible Studios’ own Kat Lambrix sits down with best-selling author Amy Daws and star narrators Will Watt and Erin Mallon to talk about the challenges and rewards of making of Amy’s latest multicast audiobook, Payback, so you can make a multicast blockbuster of your own.

Nail It in 90 Days:
The Smart Guide to Audiobook Marketing

Wednesday, November 13th
5:30PM ET

Audiobook marketing can feel like a thousand-piece puzzle, but when you put it all together, it makes a beautiful picture. In today’s episode of ACX University, author Jessica Hawkins will help you sort through a sea of tactics to combine social media, fan promotions, personal newsletters, and more to create your perfect marketing mix. We’ll zoom out 90 days before your audiobook hits retailers through launch day and onward to 90 days after a successful launch, touching on critical marketing milestones to make your audiobook release a hit.