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At Home Curriculum

Just because you’re staying in one place doesn’t mean your career is. So while we’re all at a distance, let’s keep learning together. From the homes of our creators, ACX University brings you three new episodes designed specifically for our self-driven creative community to help you find inspiration, get to work, and advance your craft from home. 







30 Minutes to a New Sound

Tuesday, June 9
8:00PM ET

Working from home takes on a new meaning when you need a comfortable, sound-proofed, tech-equipped space to work. But when you can’t get to the studio, you must bring the studio to you. Join studio expert and gear pro George Whittam and learn how to outfit or update your space to achieve a professional sound from home – all in 30 minutes or less.

Home Is Where the Art Is

Wednesday, June 10
8:00PM ET

If you’re an author, chances are you’re already used to working from home – and may even have a few tricks to teach the rest of us. But that doesn’t mean that this new paradigm comes without challenges to your focus, creativity, and communication strategies. Join us for a conversation with authors Amy Daws and Jessica Hawkins where they address staying productive – and staying sane – under the circumstances. 

Performance Masterclass with Carin Gilfry

Thursday, June 11
8:00PM ET

Whether you’re a new narrator or a veteran voice actor, the pros agree – continuing coaching is an essential part of a successful voiceover career. Better yet, it’s one element of career advancement you can easily do from home. But what does a remote coaching session look like? Join coach Carin Gilfry and her student Kimberly Wetherell as they dive into a few essential narration skills, and learn how you can improve your own. 

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