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Transform Your Career: The Makeover Episode

Audiobook narration can be a lucrative and lifelong career if you make smart choices and develop good habits along the way. But what do you do if you find yourself treading water? A few changes to your audiobook recording routine may be just the thing you need to set yourself up for long-term success. In today’s episode, meet Christian Drerup: Christian has been producing audiobooks for about a year and is looking to take her career to the next level. With the help of a few audiobook All-Stars, she’ll do just that, and you can follow her lead to make…

Audiobook Performance Masterclass

You can learn a lot watching two talented actors talk about their craft and break down performance choices. No, really! In this episode, Scott Brick, one of the golden voices, coaches audiobook newcomer Holly Palance on how to perform through the text to move listeners. Get a free lesson in audiobook performance as we show you:How to recognize and voice the three types of third person narration.How to treat narrative text as a character unto itself.How to bring your own personal style to your interpretation of the text. Play Video Featuring: Scott Brick Holly Palance Scott Jacobi

Nail it in 90 Days: The Smart Guide to Audiobook Marketing

Never miss an opportunity to market your audiobook! In this episode of ACX University, we’re joined by Jessica Hawkins, author of the hit audiobook Right Where I Want You, as she shares her marketing strategy from 90 days before the audiobook goes on sale, to launch day, to 90 days later. In this session, we’ll cover:How to turn your audiobook casting into a marketing opportunity.Strategies to build excitement while your book is being recorded.The importance of looking back at your efforts to keep what worked and tweak what didn’t. Play Video Featuring: Jessica Hawkins Scott Jacobi

The Audiobook Marketing Roadmap Part Three

In the final episode of the Audiobook Marketing Roadmap, ACX-Perts Scott and Hannah cover the final push of your marketing timeline: launch day! Learn how to make your audiobook’s release day a big success, and how to keep the momentum going with strategies for: Getting creative with audio clips to boost interest in your audiobook,Promoting your launch day across multiple platforms,Using your promo codes to generate buzz and gain reviews,And keeping your marketing efforts going strong post-launch! Featuring: Scott Jacobi Hannah Wall

The Audiobook Marketing Roadmap Part Two

The ACX Marketing Roadmap, our three-part series on promoting your audiobook from announcement to release, continues in this episode with part two – marketing your audiobook during production. This important phase of production is the time to build anticipation for your audiobook, and it’s full of great marketing opportunities. ACX-Perts Scott and Hannah are here with essential strategies for your pre-launch marketing campaign, including:Creating a marketing plan that involves your narrator in the process,Using your audio to build excitement with your fans and generate buzz,Laying the groundwork with audiobook reviewers,And how to create a marketing calendar that will set you…

The Audiobook Marketing Roadmap Part One

Did you know you can start promoting your audiobook before you even hire a narrator? Marketing opportunities are everywhere, and ACX-Perts Scott and Hannah are back to share how to find them. Our new series, The Audiobook Marketing Roadmap, covers how to push your audiobook at every step of the production timeline, from announcement to release–and beyond! The first stop on this marketing train: Pre-Production, and in this minisode we’ll talk about:Getting your fans excited for your audiobook from day one.Involving fans in the casting process.What you can do now to plan future promotions. Featuring: Scott Jacobi Hannah Wall

Q&A with QA – Encoding and Asset Delivery

In the final part of our three-part Production Roadmap, ACX QA guys Mike and David are here to help you take your project across the finish line.You’ve prepped. You’ve performed. You’ve post-produced. Before you submit your audio for Rights Holder approval, check in with the QA guys to make sure all your files are up to spec.Join us for a free live webinar on Thursday, June 20 at 5:30PM ET, where we’ll discuss file encoding and your final audio QC checks. Then we’ll share how you can take your production game to the next level with equipment and performance upgrades. …

Networking Events and Conferences

Have a networking event coming up and wondering how to make it a success? Considering a conference to refine your craft? ACX University has the scoop on getting the most out of attending events. In this episode, your marketing ACX-perts Scott and Hannah talk conference attendance and how you can get the most out of your ticket. We’ll cover how to choose the right event for you, planning and preparation for a successful event, and networking like a professional. Then, we’ll close with what to do when you get home to keep the momentum going.Topics discussed include:Why you should check…

Q&A with QA – Mastering with Effects Processing

The ACX QA Guys are back! In this episode, we’re zooming in on effects processing and mastering. Whether you are trying to correct a recording issue, or you are looking to add a hint of sweetener to your audio, we got you covered. We will be covering some of the key tools within every producer’s arsenal that will help you achieve the sound you’re looking for and one step closer to your final product. The QA team will share some tips and offer some advice on what tools and processes you should be focusing on.  Plus, we’ll be answering your…

Cost-Effective Audiobook Marketing

Are your marketing messages coming through loud and clear? Direct and effective communication can be tricky, and different channels call for nuanced messaging. In this episode of ACX University, your marketing ACX-perts Scott and Hannah will take you through their favorite social media channels for promoting audiobooks and show you how to create distinctive messaging for each platform. We’ll also cover how to guide fans from your social channels to the point of purchase. Then, we’ll close with a few “golden rules” for engaging with fans (and critics!) online. Topics include: Our favorite social media channels and how to make…