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Category: Promotion

Expanding Your Range: The Making of an Audiobook Musical

Every creator has a passion project—that audio opus of your dreams, the story you’ve fallen in love with, that wild idea you can’t get out of your head. Well, that love doesn’t have to be one-sided. In this episode of ACX University, we sit down with the cast and crew of Lustily Ever After: The Audiobook Musical, to talk about how they brought their dream project to life so that listeners everywhere could fall in love with it, too. We’ll take a look behind the scenes of this ambitious audio project to learn where the inspiration came from, what it…

Publicize Your Audiobook Like a PR Pro

Storytelling is your superpower, but how can you wield it wisely to grow your audience and drive sales in today’s uncertain climate? By modeling your nascent marketing and PR strategy after the pros. That’s why in this episode of ACX University, we look to Kelley Anderson, founder of Wonder PR, for invaluable advice on reaching new listeners as a debut author. We’ll show you how to craft your first marketing and PR strategy, how to leverage social and digital channels in a stay-at-home world, and how to prepare for the future of audiobooks with some surprising new tactics and examples.…

Home Is Where the Art Is

For the creative community, home very often doubles as a work space. So while it may seem that the global shift to working from home would come more easily for those already accustomed to it, the new paradigm isn’t without its challenges for writers and narrators. Authors Amy Daws and Jessica Hawkins sit down with ACX University to discuss dealing with new distractions, keeping the creative spark lit, structuring their time, staying connected, and making clear distinctions between work and home spaces to take care of business—and themselves—in an episode full of valuable advice for working creatives in the current…

Three’s a Crowd, Four’s a Multicast

ACX author Amy Daws has published several dual-narration audiobooks featuring seasoned ACX narrators Erin Mallon and Will Watt, and for her most recent release Payback, Amy decided to employ a cast of four narrators to bring her book to life. We’re sitting down with Amy, Will, and Erin to talk about what the production experience for Payback was like for them, how it differed from the dual-narration model, what the challenges and rewards were from both the authorial and narrative perspectives, and what it takes for interested authors who might want to try out this next-level audiobook format for themselves.…

Community is the New Marketing

When author J. Bengtsson self-published her first book, Cake, on Amazon, she had never so much as expressed an interest in being an author–she had no fans, no prior writing credits, no industry connections and her only social media outlet was her personal facebook page. That all changed when Cake became an unexpected overnight success and Bengtsson started connecting with her fans. Having no experience building an online authorial presence, Bengtsson relied heavily on her new fans, taking their advice when they told her she should have an author Facebook page, a newsletter, and a fan group, and engaging with…

How to Talk so Customers Listen

The number of audiobook listeners is growing, but so are the number of audiobooks to choose from. How can you make sure yours stands out from the crowd? By understanding your target customer! In today’s episode, we’re giving you an inside look at how Audible’s editors talk about audiobooks in order to pique customer interest. You’ll learn:How to craft a compelling audiobook description.The aspects of marketing that can make or break a purchase decision.How to make the most out of your social media efforts. Play Video Featuring: Christina Harcar Courtney Reimer Robyn Torkewtiz Fink Scott Jacobi

Nail it in 90 Days: The Smart Guide to Audiobook Marketing

Never miss an opportunity to market your audiobook! In this episode of ACX University, we’re joined by Jessica Hawkins, author of the hit audiobook Right Where I Want You, as she shares her marketing strategy from 90 days before the audiobook goes on sale, to launch day, to 90 days later. In this session, we’ll cover:How to turn your audiobook casting into a marketing opportunity.Strategies to build excitement while your book is being recorded.The importance of looking back at your efforts to keep what worked and tweak what didn’t. Play Video Featuring: Jessica Hawkins Scott Jacobi

The Audiobook Marketing Roadmap Part Three

In the final episode of the Audiobook Marketing Roadmap, ACX-Perts Scott and Hannah cover the final push of your marketing timeline: launch day! Learn how to make your audiobook’s release day a big success, and how to keep the momentum going with strategies for: Getting creative with audio clips to boost interest in your audiobook,Promoting your launch day across multiple platforms,Using your promo codes to generate buzz and gain reviews,And keeping your marketing efforts going strong post-launch! Featuring: Scott Jacobi Hannah Wall

The Audiobook Marketing Roadmap Part Two

The ACX Marketing Roadmap, our three-part series on promoting your audiobook from announcement to release, continues in this episode with part two – marketing your audiobook during production. This important phase of production is the time to build anticipation for your audiobook, and it’s full of great marketing opportunities. ACX-Perts Scott and Hannah are here with essential strategies for your pre-launch marketing campaign, including:Creating a marketing plan that involves your narrator in the process,Using your audio to build excitement with your fans and generate buzz,Laying the groundwork with audiobook reviewers,And how to create a marketing calendar that will set you…

The Audiobook Marketing Roadmap Part One

Did you know you can start promoting your audiobook before you even hire a narrator? Marketing opportunities are everywhere, and ACX-Perts Scott and Hannah are back to share how to find them. Our new series, The Audiobook Marketing Roadmap, covers how to push your audiobook at every step of the production timeline, from announcement to release–and beyond! The first stop on this marketing train: Pre-Production, and in this minisode we’ll talk about:Getting your fans excited for your audiobook from day one.Involving fans in the casting process.What you can do now to plan future promotions. Featuring: Scott Jacobi Hannah Wall