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Recording 101

Recording your first audiobook can be challenging, but we've assembled the experts from ACX and Audible Studios to guide you through the studio setup and recording process.

Marketing & Branding

You've published your audiobook, and now it's time to sell it! Get our best advice for branding and promoting your audiobook with reviews, awards, and unique promotions.


We've gathered the Audible Approved Producing Pros to share their wisdom on how to craft the perfect performance behind the microphone.

Audiobook Business and Career

Audiobook creation can be a full time job, and ACX University gives you the tools to transition from side-gig to career with help from the pros.

ACX University 2016

In our 2016 installment, we covered everything from the business of audiobook production to our favorite gear to career growth. Take a look at past episodes with us.

ACX University 2017

In 2017, ACX University expanded to include author and publisher-focused topics.

ACX University 2018

During our 2018 classes, we covered pressing issue for authors and narrators, including how to cast your title, how to take care of your vocal health, how to market your audiobook, and more. Catch up with the latest installment of ACX University.