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Speaker - Karen Commins

Ever since I recorded a TV PSA in 5th grade, I knew I wanted to become a voice actor. In my childhood, I also checked out armloads of books from the library. Is it any wonder that I would become an audiobook narrator? I am blessed to be able to record audiobooks for multiple publishers from my stunning soundproof studio.

Although my parents told me I wouldn’t make any money as a journalist, I earned a BA in Journalism, Magna Cum Laude. I thought it was the curriculum best suited to getting into my dream field of being a voice-over artist. I minored in marketing because you had to pick something. It turned out that I have a true passion for marketing!

I was employed with the federal government throughout high school and college. After graduation, I was selected for a position as a programmer. They recognized that I had the analytical ability to perform the job, but I was hired because of my communications skills.

I went back to school and earned my MS in Computer Information Systems and worked over 25 years in federal IT positions including network and email administrator, technical advisor, and communications specialist.

My intense technical expertise has served me well in my voice-over and audiobook narration career. I research, buy, install, maintain and operate the many types of software and equipment in my stunning studio. Many clients love that I have an IT background as I am able to perform scripts aimed at IT audiences with complete credibility and authenticity!

She appears in Acting with Intention featuring Karen Commins.