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Speaker - Robin Miles

I love what I do as an actor, narrator, audiobook director and founder of Voxpertise, Inc. I know I am lucky to have learned the art of narration by doing it, all the while surrounded by some of the best in the business. My first commercial book came after years of recording for the blind, years in which I discovered pace, nuance, and character voicing, and gained a confidence I hadn’t had before. My third commercial book earned me my first Earphones Award from Audiofile Magazine and my first audiobook directing challenge netted me an Audie Award nomination, confirming that I was in the right place.

What made the awards and good reviews possible were years of practical, on-mic experience, books in a variety of genres, learning to use my voice flexibly and efficiently, and a natural love of the art form. The workshops offered at Voxpertise are designed to address all of these technical and artistic challenges, and on levels appropriate to one’s experience. I designed them from the point of view of both a narrator and an audiobook director, from both sides of the glass.

My coaching philosophy is simple: listen well, respond to individual needs, guide with patience, speak truthfully, and don’t give up. To teach and coach is to serve. As Voxpertise expands to offer more classes and services, I think you will find these principles at work in every class, in every instructor, in every engineer. I look forward to contributing to your professional and artistic development.

Appearing in Mind, Body, and Soul for the Audiobook Narrator.